Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Fire 15

We are delighted to present a rare screening of Deepa Mehta’s 1196 film Fire, the first in mainstream Indian cinema to explore homosexual love. 

Radha and Sita are two sisters-in-law who live in the same house, in New Delhi, in a conservative Indian family. Stifled by the family, the two women will find happiness and freedom thanks to the love that grows between them. Selected by the BFI in 2015 as one of its top ten feminst films.

This screening will be followed by a panel discussion, further details to be announced.

Dates, Times & Tickets

  • Fri 23 Feb | 19:30 The Loft Lounge
Venue : The Loft Lounge - The Loft Lounge, 143 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6R

Tickets are free, booking is essential.

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